"The Stradivarius of call craftsmanship" - Robert Mitchell, Ashville, NC



Dear Severen:


Thank you for making a great turkey yelper!  I have used many calls over the years and have always had excellent luck with my wingbone call when everything else fails.  I didn't like carrying it because it is so fragile.  So I tried one of your turkey yelper's and it sounds as good as my wing bone and brings those birds in.  You make a great product and I would recommend your calls to my friends.


Thanks for making a great product.

Scott Carlson - President

Carlson's Choke Tubes




“Finest custom game calls available! Thank you!” - Christopher J Giardina, Pottersville, NJ



I can count on one hand the number of products I've used in my life that actually did what they were designed to do. Your turkey yelper called in toms when my diaphragm, box and slate calls failed. It has such a sweet tone it's irresistible to even the most call shy gobblers. Congratulations with a great call and on making my 2009 spring turkey season a success."


Jim Ferguson, Host

Great American Outdoor Trails Radio Magazine



"Adding a custom Severen & Severen Ltd. yelper to my turkey hunting arsenal this spring gave me a brand new option for convincing those especially ornery Toms to come a bit closer.  The workmanship is so perfect and the materials so elegant on the turkey yelper I feel it is a shame I get to use it only a few weeks in the spring.  Actually, it does look pretty impressive displayed in my office.  I advise anyone who enjoys collecting or using fine custom turkey calls to get in line for a Severen & Severen Ltd. call."


Brenda Valentine, Host

Bass Pro Shops Real Hunting Television Program and Pro-Staff Member



"Good evening Severen,

Not only am I a turkey hunter, I love collecting calls. My wife calls it an addiction. I met a call maker a couple weeks ago, and he had one of your yelpers and I knew then I had to have one. He could really talk some turkey with it. He said the call was not only a conversation piece, but aside from the workmanship it was the most productive call he has ever used. I've hunted and harvested birds with every type call on the market today except a trumpet yelper. I look forward to having it with me this weekend for opening day. My son wants one now, so I hope to own another one of your calls in a few days. Thank you for all you do for the hunting community."


                                                          Grayson Kersey of Wrightsville, GA




“The Craftsmanship of this call is rivaled only by the quality of sound it makes!!”

Paul McCoy of Ankeny, IA


“Absolutely the Best of the Best!”

Wes Wimberly of Alexander, AR


“Very sophisticated piece of work!”

Thomas H. Coe of Guthrie, OK


“I think your calls are the finest made on the market and the workmanship is second to none!”

Alan Ritter of St. Clair, MI


“Great Call!!! Very high quality!!! Fast Shipping!!!

Jeremy Davis of Sulphur, OK


“I can’t say enough about the attention to detail of Severen & Severen Ltd. Calls”

Tim Aiello of Martinez, CA


“Quality beyond compare… The finest Trumpet yelper I have ever owner. AAAA++++!”

Ken Mummert of Wake Forrest, NC


“Realistic Young Hen sound!  Fast Shipping, Excellent Quality!!!!!!”

Phillip Quist of Montgomery, MI


“Best sound I have ever heard in wood”  (referencing his Gamebird Whistle)

Douglas Brackmann of San Diego, CA


“Great Sound and Great Call A+++++”

Jacila Waterman of Bristol, FL


“Professional in all aspects, Thank you very much!”

Peter Burton of Fenelon Falls, Ontario


“As always the utmost quality and service!”

Brent Arrant of Ft. Worth, TX


“Simply put, perfection in quality and service… what more could a buyer ask for!”

Jeff Neal Sr. of Erlanger, KY


“Second to none!”

Vincent Dawe of Alliston, Ontario


“To all associated with the grand sport of duck hunting:

I have been duck hunting for 55 years now in the heart of duck hunting territory, 17 miles S.E of Stuttgart, Arkansas, on world famous Mill Bayou, Bayou Meto, and other famous duck holes.  My father carried me on his back to call for the hunting group since they didn't make boots tall enough for a kid then. I know duck calls!  I sat with A.W. Bowles on Maple Street in Little Rock, AR and Chick Majors in Stuttgart, AR while they made calls and learned to call from "Peck" Siems, William Lee Keffer and "Wimpy "Ax. Having said that and currently owning around 500 calls, I want to share something about my latest additions.  I purchased two Exhibition Grade calls from Severen & Severen Ltd. after looking at the specifications and appearance of the calls posted online. Anyone can crank out a call and paint it up but these two far exceeded this duck hunter and collector's expectations. The material, sound, and beauty are simply the best I've seen. I will treasure these calls and hope one day someone who loves the ducks as I do will have them. If you have a chance to own any grade call from these guys don't pass up the opportunity.”

Wes Wimberly of Alexander, AR



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